Rules of Entry

  • Entries submitted must be or have been available onboard and provided to passengers between 1st January 2020 and 31st March 2024.
  • Entry is open to all global airlines operating both scheduled and non-scheduled services internationally or domestically. Plus private jet operators and organisations, suppliers and designers of airline amenities.
  • Entries are eligible for entry if they are only available on selected flights during the above period.
  • Entries submitted must show the date it was first available onboard.
  • In the case of an airline supplying different kit/bag in respect of Outbound and Inbound, they must be entered as two separate entries.
  • An Amenity Product may be entered into more than one category.
  • You agree to the information completed on the category entry form being used and photographed for marketing purposes.
  • Your submission description will be used in the Awards Showcase book & may be edited.
  • We reserve the right to photograph all entries and their associated products for the purpose of marketing the awards.
  • All categories will be judged using the TPLUS criteria – Trend, Pleasure, Luxury, Usability and Sustainability from the passengers' perspective.
  • The category  “First Class Bedding Set” is defined as including at least a minimum of three of the following items: bedding, linen, pillow, duvet and blanket. 
  • The category  “Business Class Bedding" we require one or more of the following following items: bedding, linen, pillow, duvet and blanket. 



If you are entering the same product into different categories please complete a separate entry form for each.