Recipients of The Anita Gittelson Innovator of the Year

<b>2023 RECIPIENT<br />
Fernando Guevara</b><br />
General Manager in Supply Chain Management at Delta Air Lines
Fernando Guevara, General Manager in Supply Chain Management at Delta Air Lines
Sarah Klatt-Walsh
Sarah Klatt-Walsh, Director Inflight Products and Services, SWISS International Air Lines, with Bob Bregman CEO and Founder   WESSCO International presenting the award.
Azman Ahmad
Azman Ahmad, GM Product Management at Sudia Airlines with Jennifer Coutts Clay, Principal, J. Clay Consulting and Author of Jetliner Cabins presenting the award.
Genevieve Rosario
Genevieve Rosario, Head of Product Development & Service Design at Qatar Airways with Lily-Fleur Bradbury, Feature Editor Amenities Magazine presenting the award.
Nick Richards and Alex Maher
Nick Richards, Director, Inflight Product Development & Strategy, Alexa Maher – Manager Customer Experience Product at American Airlines.



Sarah Chau jpg
Sarah Chau, Manager of Product Design and Development at Qantas with Lily-Fleur Bradbury, Associate Editor Amenities Magazine.
<b>2019 RECIPIENT<br />
Katerina Orfanidi</b><br />
Customer Experience Manager at Virgin Atlantic
Katerina Orfanidi, Customer Experience Manager at Virgin Atlantic. The 2019 Awards were present via live webinar due to pandemic.