TAP Air Portugal

GS 2023 - blue
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Children’s Goody Bag or Give Away (Over 6 years)
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Onboarded Date:
February 2023

Catching the next generation’s attention:

skysupply creates TAP’s “Over 6 years” amenity kit for a playful time on board

TAP delighted families with a new amenity kit for children over six years old, designed by skysupply. The kit featured TAP’s animated mascot, an adorable comic plane, on a sporty gym bag with red strings. Inside, the bag contains fun items like coloured pencils, a colouring paper roll, a card game, green socks, a themed eye mask, a passport book, and more—all in TAP’s corporate colours. 

The thoughtful kit aimed to keep children entertained creatively without electronic devices, enhancing their flight experience. It reflects TAP’s corporate identity and fosters customer loyalty by providing engaging, memorable items for young travellers.