Lufthansa – Porsche Design – L´Occitane

Shortlist Category:
Business Class: Europe/Africa
Brand Partner:
Porsche Design
Cosmetic Brand:
Onboarded Date:
August 2023

Skysupply creates new Cooler Bag amenity kit for Business Class passengers

Lufthansa, in partnership with Porsche Design, introduced a new amenity kit for Business Class passengers: the Cooler Bag. Created by skysupply, this multifunctional pouch cools beverages and snacks and stores everyday objects. The silver foil interior keeps the contents cool, making it ideal for beach trips.

The Cooler Bag is sustainable and versatile, useful for food, drinks, toiletries, and high-end cosmetics. It includes an eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush from The Humble Co. and L’Occitane skincare products. To reduce waste, earplugs and eye masks are available upon request. This collaboration showcases the quality and innovation of “Made in Germany” products.