Lufthansa – Porsche Design “Female Cosmetic Bag Kit”

Shortlist Category:
First Class: Female Bag/Kit
Brand Partner:
Porsche Design
Cosmetic Brand:
La Prairie
Onboarded Date:
January 2022

skysupply secured Porsche Design as a premium co-branding partner for Lufthansa’s ‘Female Cosmetic Bag Kit’ and created an elegant, high-quality, and multi-purpose product for travelling and everyday life.

Matching the First Class client’s high expectations, the design concept is refined yet luxurious. The pouch is made of light, sturdy, structured nylon with vegan leather details which aligns beautifully with other exclusive Porsche Design travel items. 

The content of the cosmetic bag is thoroughly curated for female travellers who live a sophisticated lifestyle and appreciate appealing wrapping for top-quality products. The bamboo toothbrush has a handle made from 100% biodegradable, sustainably grown bamboo while its packaging is eco-friendly consisting of recycled materials.

The bag also includes three small creams from the Swiss luxury cosmetic brand La Prairie.