Icelandair – WESSCO International

Shortlist Category:
Business Class: Europe/Africa
Brand Partner:
WESSCO International
Cosmetic Brand:
Hannes Dóttir
Onboarded Date:
June 2019

WESSCO International partnered with Icelandair to create a unique and eco-friendly amenity kit collection called “Dýralíf” (Wildlife). This collection features four stunning purse designs that celebrate Iceland’s unique natural inhabitants, including the Icelandic horse and raven.

The amenity kits come with a range of high-quality Hannes Dóttir skincare products, including a nourishing lip balm, a moisturising hand lotion, and a refreshing mineral mist. This partnership between WESSCO and Icelandair ensures that passengers can enjoy the best of Icelandic skincare while supporting sustainable practices.

The kids are made from sustainable materials such as recycled canvas, vegan leather, and felt made from recycled plastic bottles, ensuring minimal impact on the environment.