Icelandair – Sara Riel – Verso

Shortlist Category:
Business Class: Europe/Africa
Brand Partner:
Sara Riel
Cosmetic Brand:
Onboarded Date:
November 2023

Local artist Sara Riel partners up with national carrier:
Icelandair launches newly designed Business Class amenity kits 

In 2023, Icelandair introduced new Business Class amenity kits designed by skysupply, featuring the work of Icelandic artist Sara Riel. The kits showcase Riel’s mural “Flóran / The Flora,” which incorporates native Icelandic plants and herbs. Crafted from high-quality Kraft paper, the bags emphasise sustainability and functionality, promoting a second use beyond the flight.

Sara Riel’s art decorates the bags, banderoles, sleep masks, and packaging for earplugs and toothbrushes. Each kit includes Verso cosmetics, socks, an Icelandair leaflet, and postcards of Riel’s illustrations. The materials used—Kraft paper, bamboo, recycled polyester, and recycled TC—highlight Icelandair’s commitment to eco-friendliness.