Iberia – Kaelis – Uvas Frescas

Shortlist Category:
Business Class: Europe/Africa
Brand Partner:
Cosmetic Brand:
Uvas Frescas
Onboarded Date:
March 2024

Iberia has incorporated vegan cosmetics, Uvas Frescas, into its Business Class amenity bags. The amenity kits were developed by Kaelis. The pouches are made of rPET, reusing 7.5 million plastic bottles, which helps save water and energy. The 70% reduction in energy emissions reflects the airline’s dedication to minimising the impact of production.

The pouch design is combined with Teresa Helbig’s new Iberia crew uniforms, which feature blues, reds, yellows, and beige hues. Navy blue symbolises balance, while red and yellow are Iberia’s corporate colours. The collaborative effort showcases an approach to business practices that combines environmental consciousness, sustainable sourcing, and social responsibility.