Finnair – deSter

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Business Class: Tableware
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Onboarded Date:
May 2022

deSter partnered with Iittala, Harri Koskinen, and Schönwald to create a unique tableware concept for Finnair’s Business Class and Premium Economy. The project combined local Finnish design with practical functionality. 

Schönwald, a German heritage tableware manufacturer chosen for its quality, sustainability, and long-standing partnership with deSter, contributed to the project’s success. Emphasizing material strength, durability, stackability, and sustainability, the venture met Finnair and Iittala’s high standards, elevating the long-haul flying experience significantly.

The Kuulas range includes plates, bowls, coffee cups, tumblers, and wine glasses. The tableware is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical, taking up minimum space without compromising the experience, and is also environmentally friendly, made from sustainable materials and built to last, reducing the airline’s carbon footprint.