Copa Airlines – Hub of the Americas® Inspired Premium Dinner Serviceware – n/a

GS 2023 - blue
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Business Class: Tableware
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Hub of the Americas® Inspired Premium Dinner Serviceware
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Onboarded Date:
May 2023

Copa Airlines launched a distinctive in-flight dinnerware collection in Spring 2023, designed for its business class clientele. This collection, in partnership with Procurall, is a vibrant ode to Latin heritage, reflecting Copa’s commitment to infusing every flight with its spirited essence.

Drawing inspiration from the diverse cultural landscape, the dinnerware embodies the region’s renowned hospitality and warmth. The essence of Copa’s Hub of the Americas® extends beyond a mere geographical point of connection. It represents a deeper mission to integrate the lively spirit and traditions of Latin America into every element of service. This new dinnerware series stands as a tangible manifestation of this mission, enhancing the journey of each passenger with a taste of rich cultural heritage.