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Premium Economy: Bag / Kit
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October 2023

Condor launches new Travel Organizers for Premium Economy Class

Condor unveils the third generation of striped amenity kits for Premium Economy Class passengers, featuring the Travel Organizer family. Available in yellow-striped water-repellent and red-striped sports bag designs, these kits aim to enhance onboard sustainability awareness. Crafted from recyclable polyester and eco-friendly TPU material, the kits align with Condor’s commitment to sustainability.

Beyond functionality, the kits offer long-lasting utility—perfect for in-flight use and beyond. The sports bag suits gym sessions, while the water-repellent bag is ideal for swimming. Condor’s decision to offer amenity items separately promotes environmental consciousness, with options including an eye mask and socks made from recycled polyester and a bamboo toothbrush. Presented in a recyclable cardboard box, guests are encouraged to use the items beyond the flight.