Cathay Pacific Airways – Matrix

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Business Class: Bedding Set
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Onboarded Date:
January 2020

Matrix and Bamford developed a new range of luxury bedding for Cathay Pacific Business Class.

The range includes a soft mattress topper with a larger, plusher sleeping pillow, premium-quality slippers, as well as a new 400-thread-count pillowcase and a two-piece duvet both made of 100% sustainably sourced cotton. Passengers travelling on regional flights will receive a new day blanket and a plush pillow.

The exquisite, plush bedding creates a feeling of luxury, comfort and wellbeing onboard to help passengers relax and have a better night’s sleep so that they arrive at their destination feeling refreshed.

The partnership with Bamford extends to the new bedding proposition; a unique and considered suite of complementary products that support sleep and wellbeing. The business class kit also reflects Bamford’s commitment to sustainability with RPET tubes for post-flight use.