Air India – Global-C

Shortlist Category:
Business Class: Tableware
Brand Partner:
Onboarded Date:
January 2024

Air India collaborated with Global-C to develop new inflight tableware for first class passengers to capture their new brand identity, The Vista: an ambitious pursuit of setting new benchmarks in global aviation. 

A key feature is the use of hybrid formula porcelain material in chinaware. This material is extremely lightweight, resulting in less fuel burn and fewer emissions. To add a touch of elegance, the chinaware is adorned with subtle brand elements such as intricate Mandala patterns and the iconic Maharaja.

The collection includes pieces that introduce delight during meal service. The aubergine glass dessert/canape plates, marble-look cheese plate, and tiffin box-shaped salt/pepper metal cruet set, inspired by traditional Indian design, embodies Air India’s identity and service principles.