Air India – Global-C

Shortlist Category:
First Class: Bedding Set
Brand Partner:
Onboarded Date:
January 2024

Air India approached Global-C to assist with securing premium bedding products for first class that captures the essence of its new brand identity: The Vista, an ambitious pursuit of setting new benchmarks in global aviation. 

Global-C developed a plush duvet and mattress seat topper. The duvet is plush on one side and has a luxurious sheen on the other. The mattress seat topper is made of cotton-rich material, which provides breathability and softness. It is designed to be folded into a compact roll to save storage space onboard. When unfolded, the mattress seat topper creates a plush and cosy sleeping surface. Crafted with premium multi-layer materials, including memory foam, it offers exceptional support and cushioning, ensuring passengers a rejuvenating sleep.