Air Astana – Own brand – None – Kids

Shortlist Category:
Children’s Goody Bag or Give Away (Under 6 years)
Brand Partner:
Own brand
Cosmetic Brand:
None - Kids
Onboarded Date:
February 2024

Watermark collaborated with Air Astana to introduce a series of in-flight kits promoting sustainability. Themed around Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire, each kit offers an interactive learning experience for children. The kits blend entertainment and education, covering sustainability concepts such as renewable energy and the 4 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair).

Designed for reuse, the kits are made from sustainable materials like rPET and include eco-friendly elements such as recyclable water bottles and compostable packaging. Aligned with Air Astana’s commitment to sustainable travel, the collaboration aims to offer young passengers a memorable, educational flying experience. It emphasises the importance of engaging and educating young travellers about protecting the planet.